Children's ice-cream 5.50
Children's ice-cream Dierenbeker 6.00
Coupe Vanilla 6.00
Scoop of bourbon vanilla ice cream covered with meringue and chocolate 7.00
Coupe Choloade 7.00
Coupe Butterscoth 7.00
Coupe Cuberdon 7.00
Coupe Straciatella (vanilla ice-cream with fine chocolate chips) 7.00
Coupe Dame Blanche 7.00
Coupe Spiced Biscuit (vanilla ice-cream with small pieces of brown spiced biscuit) 7.00
Coupe Forest fruits (vanilla ice-cream with warm forest fruit sauce) 7.50
Coupe Advocaat (vanilla ice-cream with eggnog) 7.50
Coupe Banan 7.50
Coupe Banana-split (vanilla ice-cream, warm chocolate sauce, banana) 7.50
Coupe Strawberries (in season) 7.50
Coupe Fresh Fruit 7.50
Coupe of the House (assortment of 6 flavours of ice-cream) 8.50
Coupe Sugar free (sugar free ice-cream with fresh fruit) 7.50
Warm apple pie with ice-cream and whipped cream 5.00
Warm apple pie with ice-cream 4.50
Warm apple pie 4.00
Crème Brûlée 6.00
Profiterolles (with ice-cream and warm chocolate sauce)  
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