First courses

Baguette with home-made herb butter 3.00
Small salad with scampi and herb dressing 15.00
Cocktail with fresh crangon crangon (grey shrimps) 15.00
Assortment of smoked fish with horseradish sauce 16.00
Lightly smoked Norwegian salmon with toast 16.00
Smoked eel fillets with toast 16.00
Carpaccio of beef with flakes of Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar 16.00
Parma ham with melon, accompanied by a shot of crusted port wine 16.50
Tureen of foie gras with raisin toast and onion marmalade 19.00
Traditionally prepared cheese croquettes 11.00
Traditionally prepared shrimp croquettes with fresh crangon crangon (grey shrimps) 12.00
Small vol-au-vent 12.00
5 frog's legs with garlic cream sauce or garlic butter 14.50
Scampi with mild curry sauce 17.00
Scampi with curry and shredded leek 17.00
Scampi with garlic cream sauce or garlic butter 17.00
Scampi Italian style (tomato sauce with Italian herbs) 17.00
Scampi oriental style (soy sauce filled with soybean sprouts) 17.00
Scallop nuts with leek and white butter sauce 17.00
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