Main courses

Spaghetti bolognaise with grated cheese and baguette 13.50
Lasagne bolognaise with baguette 13.50
Pasta with chicken strips and crispy wok vegetables 18.50
Pasta with scampi and crispy wok vegetables 20.50
Pasta with scampi and curry sauce filled with shredded leek 20.50
Pasta with chicken strips oriental style (soy sauce) 18.50
Pasta with scampi oriental style (soy sauce with soybean sprouts) 20.50
Fillet of chicken 15.00
Fillet of chicken with baked pineapple (sweet sauce) 17.00
Pork tenderloin 19.50
Rum steak (250 gr) 19.50
Entrecote (350 gr) 20.00
Beef tenderloin (250 gr) 28.00
Mushroom sauce, pepper sauce, Provencal, stroganoff, béarnaise sauce 2.50
Home-made herb butter 2.50
Baked mushrooms 3.00
All our meat dishes are served with a potato dish of your choice and cold or warm seasonal vegetables.
Potatoes: French fries, croquettes, gratin potatoes, puree, jacket potatoes or baked new potatoes
Lamb crown with garlic gravy and gratin potatoes 29.50
Beef tenderloin in its own gravy scented with Italian herbs 30.50
Mixed grill with béarnaise sauce and jacket potato 22.50
Spareribs with home-made barbecue sauce and sauce of your choice with jacket potato and herb butter 19.50
Sweetbreads with endive puree and cream sauce with white truffle 29.50
Beef tenderloin “of the Chef” (with pâté de foie gras and Calvados sauce) 35.00
Our traditional small sole with butter gravy and a fresh salad 21.50
Cod fillet with puree and a curry sauce filled with shredded leek 23.50
Our fish stew (with all the sweets from the sea with spinach in a sauce of garden herbs browned in the oven) 22.00
Scampi with mild curry sauce 22.00
Scampi with curry sauce filled with shredded leek 22.00
Scampi with garlic cream sauce or garlic butter 22.00
Scampi Italian style (tomato sauce with Italian herbs) 22.00
Scampi oriental style (soy sauce filled with soybean sprouts) 22.00
A duo of scampi and scallop nuts with leek and white butter sauce 22.00
Poached turbot in a mustard and tarragon sauce on an island of leek puree 28.00
Baked sole (500 to 600 gr) Price of the day
Curry sausage with French fries and applesauce 7.50
Meat-based croquettes with French fries and applesauce 8.00
Chixfingers with French fries and applesauce 8.50
Chicken nuggets with French fries and applesauce 8.50
Children's vol-au-vent filling with French fries and applesauce 8.50
Children's spaghetti with grated cheese and baguette 8.50
½ of a chicken fillet with French fries and applesauce 10.00
Children's steak (170 gr) with salad and tomato and French fries 15.00
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