Snacks / Salades

  small large
Salad with bacon strips and apples 13.50 16.50
Niçoise salad, with tuna (canned) and anchovy 13.50 16.00
Salad with chicken strips and pineapple 14.50 17.50
Salad “De Lint” (with smoked salmon, shrimps, 2 scampi) 15.50 18.50
Salad with scampi and mushrooms in garlic butter 15.50 18.50
Salad with 6 scampi and herb dressing 15.50 18.50
Salad with hot beef strips and balsamic glace 15.50 18.50
Croque-Monsieur prepared with the real toast bread   8.00
Croque-Madame (with egg sunny-side up)   8.50
Croque Hawaïi (with pineapple and grilled cheese)   9.00
Croque Vol-au-vent   9.50
Croque Bolognaise   9.50
Croque “De Lint” (with bacon, wok vegetables and egg sunny-side up)   12.50
Toast baked mushrooms and a tinge of cream   14.50
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